Auto Feeding System

We have automated feeding systems to be installed. Fully at all stages In addition to its longstanding experience, we have a team available for installation with good workmanship. Highly experienced can be installed quickly, complete, accurate and usable as well. Many customers who have installed automatic feeding system by our team of international adoption in workmanship. And the performance of our team so we can build the confidence to customers that will help you succeed.

Parts Feeders :

  • Suitable for feeding foodstuffs, tablets, electronic components, hardwares, stationery, bottle caps, plastic parts, etc.
  • Can be used for re-processing, quallity control, counting & packaging.
  • Diminishes human labour, increase in productivity, production and quality.
  • Completely automated, cuts production cost.

Vibratory Hopper Feeder

* Stainless Steel Tank is available upon request.

PU (Polyurethane) Coating

Measured Value :  
- without coating    : 85 phons                     
- with coating        : 79 phons


  • Excellent Wear / Abrasion resistance.
  • Excellent Noise reduction.
  • Good Values for hardness, Vibration dissipation, Sound absorption and Impact-resistance.
  • Excellent Oil & Water Resistance.
  • Minimise Parts Damage & Scratch.
  • Available in two different hardness : 80 ShoreA & 90 ShoreA;
  • Anti-Static PU coating is available upon request.
  • Other product : Vibration Damping Coating to Steel Plates - pls contact us.

Feeder Controller

(All Dimensions in mm)

Linear Feeder Drive Unit

(All Dimensions in mm)

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