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This fine tuned series allows the best posible blasting of work pieces which can be put in a drum. Work 

pieces from small to big metal parts or casting parts can be blasted in these machines. We have different 

sizes and styley of machines for every appllcation. With their automatic skip loading units, rubber or steel 

belt, magntic separator, reverse jet pulse dust collector, our machines have the best qualification which is 

primarily is primarily necessary for an easy integration in automatic production lines.




SPEEDO MARINE  understands the safety requirements of sandblasting operators who must utilize the correct equipment skillfully.  SPEEDO MARINE provides a full range of safety equipment to enable the sandblasting operators to perform their job comfortably and safely.

Item Part No       Oescriptions

1 *0112-061        Airline Breathig Filter with single outlet.

2 *0112-061/4    Airline Breathing Filter with four outlets

3 0752-008          Air-Manifold c/w eight outlets

                                (Note: 6 outlets also available)

4 0112-003          Aluminium Air-Fed Helmet c/w Blouse and Valve.

5 0112-002          Air-Fed Blasting Hood c/w PVC Blouse.

6 0702-103/C      Breathig Air Hose 3/8” PVC x 20m

7 0702-103/C      Breathing Air Hose 3/8” Rubber x 20m

8 0752-101          Blaster Suit (Leather/Cotton)

9 0102-012          Blasting Glove

10 0112-001        Air-Fed Helmet c/w Storter Hose.

11 0112-062/R    Filter Catridge

12 0112-071/N   Air Conditioner for Helmet.

13 0112-071/HS Air Conditioner with Heat Shield for Helmet

*Note: All airline breathing filter is standard fitted with pressure regulator with gauge, safety-valve, drainvalve, filter-cartridge and a carrying handle.




Rotoblast 8” - 36”                                                                              Tublast 3” - 12”

Part No. 0221-001/C                                                                        Part No. 0211-001/C



IPC 900 Pipecoater 8” – 35”                                                          Hollow Cone Spray 3” – 12”

Part No. 0281-001                                                                             Part No. 0251-001/C

Personal Protection Equipment

Astro Blast Helmet

Part No. : 46000

 Your Light Weight, Robust, Quality Abrasive Blasting Helmet

The Astro is your number one choice Economy Abrasive Blasting Helmet which

Meets safety standards worldwide including Australia, Europe, USA

1 Enjoy a Lightweight Robust Helmet. Less weight means less fatigue.

The helmet Only weighs 1.2kg. 2 3/4lbs

2 Removable Head Suspension for ease of Cleaning the inside

 of the helmet.

3 Sturdy Visor Frame with integral molded Hinge.

4 Large Flat Lens provides excellent vision Without distortion.

Lower cost replacement lenses. Optional Tear off lens available.

5 Keep an eye on your airflow with the Low Flow Indicator

(patent pending). This Device allows the wearer to check that the

Airflow is sufficient to provide the necessary Respiratory

protection. (CE. AS/NZS Approved Models Only)

6 Hand Strap for carrying or hanging your Helmet up.

7 Abrasive Resistant Polyethylene Helmet Shell.

8 Flexible Breathing Tube Silences the Incoming air supply and

provides a quiet Working environment

9 Unique high strength Visor Strap keeps Tension on the visor

and is easy to use even with blasting gloves.

10 Each part can be easily replaced using conventional tools.

11 Replaceable Cape Cover Band seals the top of the cape and stops abrasive entering.

12 Durable nylon Cape protects the wearers neck and upper body: soft inner collar provides

a comfortable seal around the neck.

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Coated Abrasives

      Sandpaper and Sanddoth including all kind of procassing products. For Metal Finishing. Wood Working, Composite material, Paint, and  etc. The Product is purposely designed for sanding, deburring, weld  or bead removal, blending, and all kind of surface preparation. We   carry wide-range of product specification for most suitable to your    application. For example, Special type of abrasives and Soft, Medium, and Hard type of backing. Coating systems for specific application.


Abrasive is international Standard Product. Made in Germany. Offers raw materials of the highest quality to specialist  manufacturers of abrasive tools. Offer solutions to many grinding problems and concentrates  on surface treament of metal and wood materials. This ensures   developments and innovations in these fields which make VSM product   ontstanding. Our custorner can be sure to get excellent quality at any  time. Our sclutions tulfill the given requirements excellemtly.        
       VSM offers High Tech and High Quality products which deliver excellent performance and excellent results.


      ZIRCONIA ALUMINA                                                                                     
           High Toughness and long life with good self
       sharpening features. Recommended Series : ZK713X






               High Toughness with sulfcient hardness and
       good self sharpening features. Recommended Series
       XK76., XK870, XK850





             Compactgrain is long life coated alorasive with
      self sharpening featuer. The single abrasive grain of
      compactgrain granulate performs the stock removal.
      If a grain is worn,if breaks off from the compactgrain
      formation and new, sharp grains start to grind.
      Compactgrain gives consistent surface uality
      of the workpiece with a very long life time, Recommended
      series : KK712, KK772, CK917, CK918


VSM High Quality Series

Aluminium Oxide (A/O)
Universal grain for metals, wood, plastics etc, recommended
series : KK711, KK511

Silicon Carbide (sic)
Essential to grain glass, minerals, ceramics, chaina marble.
Grinding and polishing of lacquer, plastic, brass, bronze and steel
recommended series : CK721



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